Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey, free pen!

Today marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey that is my return to dental health. Unfortunately, I am cursed with pathetically weak teeth - They dissolve in water! - and this means I'm a walking cavity factory!

Today was my first drilling, with a cleaning on top! During this, I was introduced to a device that is shoved into my mouth to force my jaw open no matter what - with a suction device added as well. In sci-fi movies, this thing would DRAIN MY SOUL. To top off the sci-fi fun, I was flat on my back, with a soul-sucker in my mouth, looking up at a tv screen, wearing headphones playing the audio and two bright lifts (THERE! ARE! TWO! LIGHTS!) over my head. It was not unlike a brainwashing scene... if there was some evil conspiracy for me to memorize ESPN highlights. (I wouldn't put it past ESPN to do that.)

Anyway, I'm sort of in pain right now. I don't remember former drillings hurting this bad - and I'm out of druuuuugggggsssss. (Advil.) Eh, on the bright side, the dentist gives out freebies! ("Free" meaning "makes you feel better after the dental bill.") I have some magnets, some strawberry-scented lip balm and, woohoo, a new pen! Which I used to make the above drawings! It's a uni ball vision elite, and actually quite nice. I must steal another when I go back! They can afford to give it up, considering I'm such a cash cow for them. My face is a dental ATM.

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Unknown said...

I'm now picturing *money distributed out mouth*