Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat.

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For a true football fanatic, every Sunday is a brutal emotional roller coaster. This year has been particularly painful, as my teams have mostly been suckpiles while those I hate the most are excelling - often with back-breaking wins. Even when teams I hate are only mediocre, they are back-breakingly mediocre. The Colts have lost every game they've played, only to be handed an even record by mind-boggling choking by their opponents. Denver had two games handed to them, all but ensuring they have their division locked up. Fucking team sold its soul to the devil to get the string of luck they've had. Pittsburgh and Tennessee both shut down by plucky underdog Baltimore - with the exception of one drive, allowing them to win after being outplayed. The fucking Dolphins have knocked out two teams I like so far. The NFC east is a goddamn beast, meaning the one team I like that is doing well (Redskins) is going to have to fight like hell to keep pace.

And my top four teams? The Redskins are the lone bright spot, as they've surprised everyone by playing a four-quarter football game. This is a striking upgrade from the "play three, then choke" ball Washington fans are used to seeing. As thrilling as it was to see them win, the joy was tempered by watching all those despised teams make stunning last-minute comebacks to destroy my faith in a just a caring universe.

Otherwise, we have the Jags who have taken up the old Redskins' mantra (and old Redskins defensive coordinator...hmm) to choke in the fourth quarter over and over. The Browns I almost gave a pass due to the second-most brutal schedule in the league, but they've been *so* bad my optimism has gone and died. As for the Seahawks... yeah. I realize everyone is hurt, but this is no way to give a great coach like Holmgren a fond farewell in his last year. Suicide is painless - being a sports fan is agony!

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