Sunday, April 27, 2008



After a day of total unproductivity, all I have to show is a struggle of a strip sketch and some sketches that I think and keen. Here are some more precocious characters - from the *other* side of the classroom. The main characters are insular types and, despite facing these kids every school day, they keep forgetting the non-Gemstone kids exist. I like to think of that side of the class as it's own comic strip that just isn't being shown. In that strip ("Copper Road" - NO ONE STEAL THAT NAME FROM ME) Kaitlyn would be the central character - one only an expert cartoonist can draw reliably. (Uh oh...) Yvette is the near-mute lackey. Vincent is the oddball who lives in a universe with more optimism in its logic than in our own.

This leaves Roddy, Quincy and Xander as the last to get official first sketches. Poor Roddy, he's a big supporting character - the only non-Gemstone kid who is persistent enough to get the Sapphire kids to recognize him. Of course, him being a black cat and me not having a decent method for drawing black features (see Kaitlyn) might have something to do with it. Quincy is the dog version of Kaitlyn (German shepherd) so the same problems arise. Xander is a character that resents all the other kids and doesn't want to be involved in their antics... so he's not involved. Aside from occasionally putting him in the background of strips, I won't have much use for him.

And, since I don't like the current version of Jacob on the site, I sketched out a MUCH better version of him. This sketch, along with the others above, will soon be re-traced and turned into cute color illustrations for my site.

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