Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Copper Road! 1/14/15

(If it's not visible yet, it means TWC never fixed its glitch. It'll appear around 3am Eastern US time.)

Autumn, you aren't supposed to be here! Guess she's still hung up on some issues and yelling at anyone who'd listen. (Or this is set in school.) Anyway, vote here to see it!

Because having issues with TV and griping about it is REALLY fun. Right?

By the way, I still have no idea where FX is on my cable box. But I do know if I mistype any of my regular channels, I hit church TV. Doesn't matter HOW I mistype it. Always big hair and Bibles. Always. So, I really would like to watch Fargo one day. (I can't handle the awful screeching of the promos constantly played on the OnDemand menu, OK?)

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