Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The book will be at Anthrocon!

In case you're in the Pittsburgh area and were on the fence about coming to see me, let me entice you! Remember that proof I showed you? Turns out it's not the only one. We only have a handful, but since they checked out the decision was made to offer them at Anthrocon.  The artist edition bundle deal will be available at the table, for those who want a sketch and/or that bundle-only button.

If you preordered, I'm sorry to say we won't allow you to pick up your book early. There just aren't enough of them available for that. We didn't plan on having actual copies of the book at Anthrocon, so consider this a special con promotion.

For those not coming to Anthrocon or the book's *actual* launch at FA: United, pre-orders are still going on.  Reserve your copy now and help us fund a full print run! The books start shipping the first week of August.

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