Monday, December 12, 2011

$20 Magnet and print promotion!

I realize the timing of this isn't the best, but unfortunate events rarely schedule themselves properly. See, I need a new PC - and I need it much sooner than expected. The laptop I'm using now has a dead screen, a dead battery, a damaged hard drive and has recently started rebooting randomly. (In other news, NEVER BUY A DELL!) I have a little stashed away in my "for the comic" fund that gets me well on my way to new PC land - but now *that* is threatened by some upcoming medical bills! Thus, I turn to you!

In a mini donation drive, I am offering one of the new Precocious magnets and a signed 8.5x11 print of almost any Precocious comic for $20. (The "almost" is because triple-decker strips won't fit on the page and I'm reserving strip #1000 for a future mini-poster run.) Make sure you specify which magnet and strip you want when you donate.

I wish I had more incentives to throw at you this time, but I'm so far behind in book work that I can't offer original art for this drive. In fact, I have to close down my watercolor commissions offer until next month. *sigh*

Thank you to anyone who's willing to take part in this. Chrispy loves you!


Darc Sowers said...

I haven't been fond of Dells, not since working at the library as the Tech Librarian and finding myself surrounded by nine Dells that failed routinely.

I still have nightmares. O.O;

Would scans from your sketchbooks work for the book? I know I love seeing development art and sketches from artists whose work I enjoy. Maybe others would too. If anything, it will help fill the spaces.

awalker1829 said...

Our computers at the courthouse have the Dell case, but I suspect that they've been rebuilt and modified to the point that they're essentially Dells in name only. Nine? Our Training Room has eighteen alone. The IT needs of our office is enough to keep our five person IT staff busy-between the repairs and upgrades.

I too would love to see sketchbook work if you have the opportunity.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

My old sketchbooks are currently back in Virginia. I'll happily put together a development sketches section when I retrieve them. Let's see... book three still doesn't have bonus section material yet. ;-)

Slick Kat said...

hey, how do i get a piece of this action?