Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Request week?

(Edit: Just to clarify, I'm looking for ideas for single strips, no whole arcs. Keep your suggestions simple! If you need more than seven words to say it, it's too complex!)

First off, I am still looking for guest strip help. Response has been rather underwhelming and it's clear I will fall far short of my goal with the current deadline. Some great people have contributed and volunteered so far, and I refuse to give up on this because their work should be put on display! I am extending the entry deadline for another week in hopes enough people will be worn down by my pathetic cries to get me the strips I need.

Of course, this now means I need some scripts for next week. The days of me having a buffer and being scripted ahead are gone. The next big arc is still in its infant stages of development, so that can't go yet. It's me playing around week for week, and I haven't been much in the mood for playing. I'm fighting a bad case of burn-out, which is joyfully timed with a large increase in my work load. If I can't get my week off yet, I'm looking for a way to jump start my stalled mind.

So, hey, if I can't get the comics community at large to listen to MY requests, why not turn it around? I will listen to YOUR requests! This could be fun! Since I have no scripts for next week's comics, I'm asking for your assistance. Give me some simple ideas to help get my brain back into creative mode!

What I'm talking about are scenarios, such as, "What if Tiffany finds a crossbow?" or "What happens when Jacob finally snaps?" Ideas that can be summed up in seven words or less. This is a creative challenge for me not, not an excuse for you to make me draw up your fanfics. Keep it simple and don't go beyond a set-up. Leave the context and punchlines for me. If you want more control - MAKE A GUEST COMIC! I really need those things! (If you can't draw, go hire/blackmail an artist! And artist that isn't me, that is.)

Give me as many premises as you'd like! I hope to get a lot so I can pick and choose. Be fun! Be creative! To submit an idea, comment on this post. Heck, I'll take entries wherever they appear, be it email, shoutbox, comic comments or forum thread. I just want to see some participation!

(By the way, if you all let me down I am not above faking it. Those two example ideas I wrote above have already spawned comics in my mind!)


DRB_II said...

Well, obviously if Jacob snapped, he'd borrow Tiffany's crossbow and... well, I'll just leave punchline to you. That was the point of this, wasn't it?

I'm already working on something (I would be at this moment if I wasn't typing this and getting distracted by shiny obje... Ooh! A Newton's cradle! Wait, where was I?), so I can't very well give you that idea, so I'll the idea I rejected on the grounds there was no way in hell I was pulling it off, original deadline or revised: Yvette riding Fluttershy! Wackiness (and probably an extreme lack of dialogue) ensues!

Well, back to it. If anything else comes to mind that I certainly can't pull off in a reasonable amount of time, I know where to find you.

Darc Sowers said...

I have an idea for a guest comic (not the one I mentioned a few days ago, another idea) but I need to finish my own work for this week first. It's hard to get guest comics for a strip comic. It's even harder for a full page one. *laughs* I'll get going on it tomorrow and should have it by Saturday evening at the latest.

As for ideas... all that's coming to mind is "Iron Chef" Bud Style. Hey, I've a dentist appointment in a few hours. I don't think well under that kind of pressure. ;D

Anonymous said...

Yvette's public speaking debut.

Kaitlyn's bad hair day.

Suzette and Yvonne have an argument.

Autumn practices black magic.

Anonymous said...


Giant(ish) kid army fight.

Those super-villains and super-heroes the kids turn into.

Those are three good idea fragments. If it helps, imagine this comment is a movie trailer, and those are completely context-free images flashed onto the screen while epic music plays in the background.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Good stuff so far!

More! I demand more ideas!


Iron Ed said...

Kids watch episodes of UFO Hunters / Sasquatch Hunters / Ghost Hunters and get...ideas...

Iron Ed said...

Oh yeah; Bud turns his RC airplane into a spy-drone.

Overwing said...

Suzette meets someone just like herself.

Bud's cooking is tampered with.

Anonymous said...

As part of a sinister parole scheme, the kids have to perform valuable community service for a week or else get sent to kiddy prison.

Sam said...

A "camp" regular reveals her wild side to Tiff.

"Proper ettiqute demands a lady *walks* away from the fire, don't run!"

inobscuritysembrace said...

The Oven household runs out of food.

The Et children decide to play a giant game of hide and seek just before _____.

One of the Saphire Lakes kids' parents invites Roddy over for dinner.

Max discovers _____ doing something probably illegal.

greg said...

Where's the violins?

Really, a whole class of gifted children of parents who specifically sent them to a school for gifted children, and no musical instruments? Whoever heard of that? Look at Einstein and his violin, Feynman and his hand drums, over half of the finalists of this year's Intel Science Competition.

But then, music is about creating something beautiful that people will enjoy. I don't know if those kids are into that.

Anonymous said...


Greg said...

The ice cream truck visits Gemstone Estates.

Kodra said...

Ms. Monster trying to explain the value of diversity in education to the insular Sapphire Lake squad.

I fail at < 7 words but I think there's a strip in that idea.

Pea said...

Autumn is delirious from sleep deprivation.

Autumn packs to leave town.

Autumn takes Jacob hostage.

Autumn complains to the school board.

Autumn finds a grappling hook.

Autumn eats her dossiers.

Autumn interrupts a play.

Autumn hides in a stranger's car.

Autumn ambushes the principal.

Autumn accidentally locks herself in the closet.

Seriously, Autumn doing pretty much anything.

Dewwhisker said...

Tiffany finds something while digging

A carnival/circus comes to town

Tiffany gets a goldfish

A time machine is built

Pharma-Dan said...

Perhaps highschool versions of the characters?

Gender Bender

Evil/Good Reversal

Monster Versions (ala the museum painting)

Dewwhisker said...

Exploding pie!

Someone getting the chicken pox