Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I don't care what the calendar says! All that time simply does not count. It has only been one functional day for me. Everything else was a non-canon blur.

It's been a rough week or so. My sleep schedule went totally out of whack. I'd be up 30 hours, down 12 hour, up 24 hours, down 18 hours and COMPLETELY WIPED OUT the whole time. I haven't had a restful night of sleep yet this month. I hope to correct that tonight. If I was so tired I couldn't be productive, then that day didn't count. That week. That whatever. Anyway I hope the worst is over. At least the worst sleep-wise.

Now it's time to play catch-up. For the painting, I am now at the worst stage: Getting the final sketch on the canvas. I can break out the projector, but it's still a crazy hassle to get it PERFECT. And I demand perfection. That stunned Autumn sketch is going to cause some more problems before it's done. It's a long-term project, so I'm taking my time to get it right.

I'm still open for business with other commissions, if you'd like to support your local starving cartoonist. Despite disappearing for a while, I *do* stick to deadlines when it's important!

On the comic front, things are still good - so no panic is needed. I'm still mulling over the next story arc, but I think you guys needed some gag-a-day refreshers anyway. Copper Road is going to remain on hiatus while I burn off all my deleted scene incentives. Still gotta get my brain back in CR mode for scripting, but I'm not worrying about it yet. From where I see it, Precocious is the one that matters. Everyone else is a bonus, so I won't cry if I miss a vote incentive or fail to blog for a few days. The goal is to have good stuff when I present it!

OK, enough talking about work. It's time to actually DO the work. That pile of comics isn't going to ink itself! (Oh, but I wish it would...)


Iron Ed said...

Nice self-portrait there, Chris! ;-)

Tristam said...

Chrispy, How much would it cost to buy a small signed print of a strip. cos if it's around 10-20 dollaars I can probably buy one.