Monday, June 1, 2009

Pick your fav 5

I'm trying to narrow my strips down to the five that best convey the tone, humor and awesomeness that is Precocious. Here are my choices for the final ten, which may not match yours. If you have your own favorites, here's your venue to let me know. I may not listen to you, but you can still cast a vote!

No original artwork today, as I'm working on the strip TO THE EXTREME. I'll be back to my daily supremacy tomorrow.

Strip #43

Strip #62

Strip #45

Strip #97

Strip #100

Intro Strip #16

Intro Strip #86

Intro Strip #30

Intro Strip #98

Strip #14


Donna Schirmer said...

#100, #97, #86, #98, #43

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Both the kids skirting the rules on semantics and that a rule of "no dynamite" exists is great. Generally a law exists because something happened in the past to make it necessary. There is a lot to imagine as a result.

I love this depiction of Tiffany's character more so than 14 or 98

Good showing of the class distinction and even the possible jealousy over their ability to really have fun w/o restraint.

For reasons similar to 43 but showing their play with rules can be aimed for good as well.

Showing both the serious dedication to the fun they are having accompanied by a certain naivete about the world as well.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Thanks for the feedback. Obviously, I'm prepping a submission that requires me to choose five strips. It's good to know what others think, as I'm a bit too close to my own work.